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Round Saltspring Race Overall Podium Places 1974-2019

1974 Clarion, 24 Neish sloop (Neish) Dystocia, Cal 30/2 (Dunbabbin) Ginger Tea, Alberg 37 (Langford)
1975 Haietik, Lightning
Erin, 6 metre
Flirt, 28 ft Spitzgatter (Truscott)
1976 Vatican II
1977 Sandalwood
Ruckus Kitkiata
1978 Dal Reada Wind Warrior, Catalina 27 (Forrester) Gypsea, Ericson 26 (Baxter)
1979 Windfall, Catalina 22 (Sinclair) Stoned Ranger Paragon
1980 Sandalwood
Stoned Ranger Marimba, San Juan 24 (Moore)
1981 Sandalwood
Ginger Tea, Alberg 37 (Langdon) Sabre II, Alberg 37 (Rainsford)
1982 Artifice, Catalina 27 (Cochrane) Merry Gypsea, Ericson 26 (Baxter) and
Gretha, 20′ Gaff sloop (Kibble)
1983 Wayward Wind, 24 sloop (Butler) Gretha, 20′ Gaff sloop (Kibble) Akane, Ericson 26
1984 Ginger Tea, Alberg 37 (Langdon) Comrade Cherry, Soling (Allan) Knockout, J 24
1985 Haereticus, Martin 32 (Cobanli) Yeoman of Cestria, Sun 34 (Sutcliffe) Lora Lea, Cal 27 (Cochrane)
1986 Haereticus, Martin 32 (Cobanli) Lora Lea, Cal 27 (Cochrane) Yeoman of Cestria, Sun 34 (Sutcliffe)
1987 Lora Lea, Cal 27 (Cochrane) Yeoman of Cestria, Sun 34 (Sutcliffe) Soarsa, Paceship 32 (Neish)
1988 Impatience, Mull 34 (Cochrane) Min of Mine, Martin 242 (Cobanli)
1989 Min of Mine, Martin 242 (Cobanli) and
Hot Potato, Martin 242 (Maynard)
1990 Min of Mine, Martin 242 (Cobanli) Impatience, Mull 34 (Cochrane) Soarsa, Paceship 32 (Neish)
1991 Impatience, Mull 34, (Cochrane) Celerity, Spencer 31, (Spencer) Min of Mine, Martin 32, (Cobanli)
1992 Tigger J, C&C 38
No finisher No finisher
1993 Beowulf, Marieholm 26 (Kibble) Tandom, San Juan 24 (Stribley) Tufted Puffin, San Juan 24 (Morrison)
1994 Lawndart, Fast 40
Tigger J, C&C 38
Yeoman of Cestria, Sun 34 (Hume)
1995 Petrouchka, Ericson 23, (Williams) Deryn Mor, Tanzer 7.5, (Vine) Buckshot, Catalina 27, (Renaud)
1996 Tigger J, C&C 38
Red Shift, Tri
Acrobatic Rat, Martin 241 (Scott)
1997 Lawndart, Fast 40
1998 Lawndart, Fast 40
Absolute Kaos, Dash 34X (North) Escapade, Dash 34-1 (Pearce)
1999 Something Special, J 35 (Cowling) Lawndart, Fast 40
Valhalla II, Viking 22 (Brogan)
2000 Nemesis, Moore 24
2001 Rhumbline, J 29
2002 Evolution, Beneteau 36.7 (Homan)
2003 Wind Seeker Lawndart, Fast 40
Rhumbline, J 29
2004 Frenzy, 6 metre (Jespersen) Absolute Kaos, Dash 34X (North) Evolution, Beneteau 36.7 (Homan)
2005 Slippery When Wet, Etchells
Frenzy, 6 metre (Jespersen) Alto Menos, Cal 29 (Cowley)
2006 JJ Flash, J 39
Redline II, J120-1
Absolute Kaos, Dash 34X (North)
2007 Caliente, C&C 115 (Andersen) JJ Flash, J 39
My-Tai, FLT 110-1 (Homan)
2008 Light Scout, Ross 930 (Gillingham) Absolute Kaos, Dash 34X (North) Escapade, Dash 34-1 (Pearce)
2009 Mischief, Melges 32 (Morris) Not Fred, Martin 242 (Slaney) Imp, Martin 241
2010 My-Tai, FLT 110-1
Absolute Kaos, Dash 34X (North) Mischief, Melges 32 (Morris)
2011 Mischief, Melges 32 (Morris) Baaad Kitty!, Henderson 30 (Power) Wave Reviews, Haida 26 (Jenkins)
2012 My-Tai, FLT 110-1
Emma, Ross 930
Mischief, Melges 32
2013 Baaad Kitty!, Henderson 30 (Power) My-Tai, FLT 110-1
Tripp Tease, Trip 40-2 (Gillingham)
2014 Rags, C&C 115
Jackrabbit, CM 1200
Baaad Kitty!, Henderson 30
2015 Baaad Kitty!, Henderson 30
Ogopogo, Left Coast Dart (Faget) Lexi Belle, Tripp 40 (Amirault)
2016 Mischief, Melges 32 (Jespersen) Will O’Wisp, Petersen 42 (Eckart) Jackrabbit, CM 1200
2017 Mischief, Melges 32 (Jespersen) Strait Marine, Farr 40 (Allan) Westerly, Santa Cruz 70 (Dahlgren)
2018 Joy Ride, J/122E (Miller) Kairos, Aerodyne 38 (Jewula) The Showdow II, TP52 (McCarthy)
2019 Will O’Wisp, Petersen 42 (Eckart) Baaad Kitty!, Henderson 30 (Power) Moonlight Mile,  (Vassallo)


Some outstanding overall performances:

Bas Cobanli — With 5 overall first positions and many podium positions in three different boats.

Lee Cochrane — With 4 first overall and a total of 7 podium positions in three different boats.

Lawrie Neish — First overall in a boat of his own design and construction and two podium places in a 32-foot cruiser.

Bill Allan — From Nanaimo with 3 overall wins in the same boat and other podium positions in two other boats.

Mike Howard — From the Tsawassen Yacht Club, who scored three overall victories and one second place.

Art Jones — From Pender Island, who was only finisher with Tigger J in the 1992 race minutes before the deadline and then was second in 1994 and at last won in 1996.

Roger Kibble — With one overall victory in a full keel boat and 2 podium finishes in a gaff rigged boat.

Rod Maynard — Who beat Bas Cobanli / Don Martin by a boat length in an identical Martin 242 after a dramatic head to head continuous 42 mile duel in 1989.

Phil Hume — Who at last sailed Yeoman of Cestria to victory in 1996 after fifteen years of trying by both Charles Sutcliffe, the original owner, and then Phil.

Daryl Homan — With three overall victories (one on Evolution and two on My-Tai) plus two other podium finishes.


Winning Skippers

Skipper Number of Firsts
Bas Cobanli 5
Lee Cochrane 4
Mike Howard 3
Bill Allan 3
Daryl Homan 3
Iain and Susanne Morris 2
Ben Power 2
Eric Jespersen 2


One win each:

Doug Truscott, Jimmy Sinclair, Kerry Butler, Jack Langdon, Brian Betts, Roger Kibble, Phil Hume, Gordon Wylie, Jim Spencer, Stuart Farson, Ole Andersen, Don Gillingham, Judy Button[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row fullwidth=”true” css=”.vc_custom_1580935027818{background-color: #ba0c2f !important;}”][vc_column][mk_padding_divider size=”20″][mk_fancy_title strip_tags=”true” color=”#ffffff” size=”24″ font_weight=”500″ txt_transform=”uppercase” font_family=”Roboto+Condensed” font_type=”google” align=”center”]We Thank Our Sponsors for their Support![/mk_fancy_title][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row fullwidth=”true”][vc_column][mk_clients count=”-1″ orderby=”rand” height=”150″ target=”_blank”][/vc_column][/vc_row]