Race has Started!

Light airs were forecast for the start of Round Saltspring 2018 and they did not disappoint. A southeast breeze wafted in and out of Ganges Harbour. But the Race Committee managed to get 8 starts off in reasonably good order with the ebb tide flushing the fleet down the course.

They were a few close shaves as wind filling in at the pin end caused some divisions to crowd each other and exchange pleasantries. And as the wind flipped over to the Committee boat end, there was a small kerfuffle in the Multi fleet.

But it looked like everything worked out and 93 boats got away in a 5 kt breeze.

An hour and half later, the leaders are fighting the zephyrs and the remainder of the ebb off Fulford Harbour trying to get to Sansum Narrows for the big elevator when the huge flood starts.

Race Committee is looking at Shipfinder and sees The Shadow II off Fulford doing 4 kts. The other boats with AIS are strung behind all the way back to Beaver Point.

The breeze is non-committal at Vesuvius as Race Committee keeps watch while enjoying the beer and fish & chips at Seaside Kitchen. It might be a bit of a wait for the fleet to get here even with the tide. Good thing they have extra beer.

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