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If you are a skipper looking for crew, please use the COMMENTS section below to leave your requirements and contact information so that potential crew can reach you (or reply here to your message) if they are looking for a berth in Round Saltspring 2022. You should also watch this space for replies to your post, and check the CREW SEEKING BOAT link. Note that your name and email address are required to leave a comment, however your email address will not be published unless you include it in the body of your message. The contact information you provide in your message will be publicly visible.

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  • Terry

    STRETCH is a Hobie 33 that has good sails and is well prepared coming off a 3 year restoration. Looking for crew that is athletic and able to handle the demands of a sport boat. Send along resume to

  • Bruce Winfield

    Nunnehi is an Olson911SE, well prepped for the race with a clean hull and new #1 & #2. Looking for a 6th to make up the full crew. Experience preferred.
    Contact me if you are interested and available. 604-505-7206,

  • Randy Vogel

    Riptide50 Strum has a May18/23 crew cancellation. Although we have enough to sail, we are looking for an experienced crew that knows how to pack a spinnaker to eat the food provisioned for said crew. Includes dinner Friday night across from SISA start/finish line. Apply to /Event, /Round Salt Spring or

  • James Wang

    What captain needs crew? I participated in two NANAIMO competitions last year, and I also participated in the FASTNET competition in 2019. Tel:2369891368,
    Thank you!

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