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Above is a SAMPLE ONLY of an hourly Tidal Current Model Chart that is available for the 2019 Round Saltspring Island race.

Hourly charts are available as a downloadable PDF file (1 MB) by clicking the above sample chart or here.

The current vectors are depth averaged and are predicted using the tidal model of Foreman et al. 2004 (ftp://canuck.seos.uvic.ca/Tides/foreman_csr2004.pdf ).

These charts are for the general information of the participating sailors. For reference, 100cm/s (1m/s) is roughly 2 knots. The actual currents may be slightly different than those predicted, based on the prevailing winds and stratified water column conditions present at the time.

The inset plot shows the tidal height for Ganges Harbour. These charts are not to be used for navigational purposes. Any questions should be directed to the author of these current charts, Dr. Richard Dewey (rdewey@uvic.ca), an Oceanographer at the University of Victoria.

Official tide tables are available from the Canadian Hydrographic Service (http://www.charts.gc.ca/publications/ctct-tmcc-eng.asp).

The Round Saltspring Organizing Authority is grateful to Dr. Richard Dewey for generously providing these excellent current charts to share with Round Saltspring participants!



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