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How to Send Photos

Using WeTransfer to send photos

The Round Saltspring Race will soon be here. If you take photos of the race and associated activities, we would be pleased if you could send them to us. Select your best photos to send us, preferably at high resolution. The required format is JPG/JPEG.
Our preferred method for you to send photos is by WeTransfer, which is an easy-to-use service capable of sending large files free of charge. Here are the instructions for how to use WeTransfer:
Go to, where you will see this little box on the left side of the screen:
Click the “+” button at the top to choose which files you want to send.
Enter in the “Email to” field.
Enter your email in the appropriate field. Optionally, you can add a title and brief message, if you like.
Click the Transfer button to send the file(s).

That’s it! The files will now be sent and received.